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A Food Tour in Queens

posted on: Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hey friends! I hope your week is going well. Yesterday knocked me out cold, I tell you what. We had a busier weekend than planned and with the heatwave hanging around all weekend, we pretty much exhausted ourselves by just being outside for longer periods of time. I felt off yesterday and took my one nap per year and then felt like I could take on the world. Naps are magical. Other than wearing ourselves out though, our weekend was great!

On Saturday, our friend Nick (Hi Nick!) set up a little food tour for a group of us in Flushing, Queens which feels like being in China. Not that I’ve ever been, but Nick has and confirmed it. It’s crazy how an hour subway ride can feel like a trip around the world. We spent the afternoon eating delicious, authentic Chinese food and explored an area that felt much more like China than America. It was an adventure and we had so much fun. I’ve been working on my vlogging skills, so here you go! Our Saturday:

On Sunday, Adam checked his e-mail to find that we snagged last minute seats to John Oliver that evening. Ahhhh! Getting tickets to this show is tough, so we jumped at the chance to go see him live. We had SO much fun and, of course, I have nothing to show for it because we couldn’t take photos. But, there’s this:
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

If you’re a fan and find yourself in NYC, it’s worth trying the standby line. I think most of the standby line made it. We also hit up our favorite new beer bar, As Is, and ate delicious pizza earlier that day, because I had a craving that needed to be squelched. Mission accomplished! It turned out to be a weekend filled with mostly Adam’s favorite things, really, and I was happy to oblige. Thankfully, he has good taste and I had so much fun right along with him.