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Well, here I am, Lord, knockin’ at your back door

posted on: Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Ain’t it wonderful to be where I’ve always wanted to be?
For the first time, I’ll breathe free
Here in New York City

That photo up there was from the first time we came to the city together in January 2014. I was (not so) secretly hoping he’d fall in love with New York and we’d pack and move, just like that. He knew I had something like that in mind and it made him a little anxious during this trip, but we had so much fun. It took one more visit that November to get him to really imagine us living here and, two years later, here we are. Dreams don’t always happen overnight, you know?

The thing is, he had to want to live here and I could never force him to choose this city. This is a tough place to live and is made way tougher when your heart isn’t in it. I told myself that if we were meant to be here, he would fall in love with the city the way I’ve been for most of my life, without my prodding. So I backed off, he fell, we took the leap, and we landed in the city that never sleeps.

Last night I was at an event and had a moment where I took a deep breath and thought to myself, “We’re exactly where we’re supposed to be. This is home.” I can’t stress enough how good that felt.

The Actual Moving to NYC Part Of This Whole Thing

posted on: Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Two dogs in the cab of a moving truck

Okay, so, the big move! We woke up at 5 AM on July 30th to begin our drive up to NYC. We had to get into the city during office hours to pick up the keys for our apartment, so attempting to get there in one day was not going to happen. We did get as close as possible to the city, stopping in Allentown for the night. We were about 90 miles outside of the city, but wanted to make sure that if we hit traffic, we’d still make decent time.

That night, while we were settling into our hotel room, I did some research and learned that the route we were planning to take this whole time to avoid driving in the city for long didn’t allow moving trucks, even smaller ones. Thankfully, we learned this the night before and not while a police officer was writing us a ticket. We ended up spending an hour trying to figure out the next best route, which, for us, was the George Washington Bridge. Adam ended up finding a YouTube video of someone driving the GWB Upper Level (the only part of the bridge we were legally allowed to travel) and were able to see the tiny little exit we had to take, on the right side. Without that, it would have been so much harder to find and we probably would have had a panic attack or two. So many thanks to that YouTuber for potentially saving us a fight, a panic attack, a u-turn, and at least an hour of our time.

The next morning, we woke up and hit the road. We hit zero traffic (amazingly enough) and made great time. We also managed to find a parking spot on our block so we could go get our keys, after which, we found a spot right in front of our apartment. Everything just worked out so well that day, I still can’t believe it. After all of the time I spent on Google, reading everyone’s horror stories, it was a huge relief. That fact that it was 4th of July weekend didn’t hurt either (New Yorkers leave town most summer weekends and holidays).

We also paid for two Task Rabbit people to help us unload the truck. I had to stay upstairs with the dogs and make sure they didn’t run out while boxes were being brought into our place, so having them there was a huge lifesaver. It was chaotic, but the whole truck was unloaded within an hour. ONE HOUR!

A short little video of our trip:

I didn’t end up taking too much video once we were in the city, because nerves were high and not even Jack Johnson’s soothing voice could ease the butterflies. We weren’t sure what to expect, driving a moving truck into the city. Our minds imagined the worst: lots of stress, lots of traffic, lots of cabs weaving in and out of said traffic. Adam didn’t even want music playing so he could focus on getting us there without getting lost, so I didn’t even get to play TSwift as we drove into town. I mean, that’s the whole reason you move to New York, isn’t it?