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From fall to winter in no time flat

posted on: Monday, November 21, 2016


Okay, you guys. Thanksgiving week is here. I know I say this every year, but HOW?! It was just Halloween and before that it was the 4th of July and we had just moved to New York City and how does time seem to disappear, just like that?

The seasons are flying by as we’ve already begun to say goodbye to my absolutely favorite one. The weather went from Fall to Winter in a matter of hours this weekend. Saturday was gorgeous, sunny, and warm. Too warm, I say. I should not be sweating in November but this is just a personal rule, I suppose. It really was gorgeous, though. When we woke up Sunday morning? It was gray and freezing with gusts between 30-40 MPH. Somehow I was happier with that? (Especially when our first snow flurries of the season showed up that night.) Although, I was much happier once I bought that coat up there, thankyousoverymuch. I don’t know how you stay warm AND look cute when the wind knocks the breath right out of you and pins and needles are threatening the feeling right out of your face.

It just feels like holidays now, I guess! Lights are going up all around town. Columbus Avenue is adorned with large, bright snowflakes that light up at night giving my neighborhood some small-town charm. I’m all for that holiday feeling these days. Unapologetically listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies early because 2016, man.

On that note, I was hoping to get out of this year of loss and heartache (2016 has been one for the books) personally unscathed, but I received some tough news as I was writing this post. Prayers for my family would be greatly appreciate, my friends. Thank you!

Weekend To-Do List, Even If Nothing Gets Crossed Off

posted on: Friday, October 7, 2016

All right, friends. What fun things are on your list for the weekend? I’m feeling inspired to make a little wish list for the next couple of days. I used to do that every week here on the blog and I loved that it would inspire a full, refreshing weekend no matter what was on the list and, even if most items didn’t get crossed off, well then, heck. It was still two days in a row off of work and just for fun, doing whatever the heck it is we want to do and that’s about all we need every five days, isn’t it?

Still, this weekend I’d love to:

  • Catch up on sleep
  • Read as much as possible
  • Go thrift shopping and try to score some things for my fall wardrobe
  • Take photos around town, wherever we end up, which means lugging around my DSLR
  • The usual Saturday run, maybe even shoot for five miles for the first time this training season (okay okay, I really just want to get this over with and be done with five miles and feel awesome. The actual doing it? Well, we’ll see how that goes in the morning.)
  • Spend time with my best guy and do whatever the heck it is we want to do, because weekend!

At least it’s October

posted on: Wednesday, October 5, 2016



Nothing like mom time
The last ten days have been a whirlwind, I tell you. Last week was spent preparing for my mom, Dave (my step-dad), and parents-in-law to come into town. I even spent all of Thursday cleaning the apartment and our apartment isn’t that big! Parents make me deep clean, it seems.

My mom and Dave arrived Friday, which unfortunately was a little cold and rainy most of the day. We ate soup and deli sandwiches and then ducked into The Museum of Natural History. Pro tip: when the weather is questionable, a museum is always a good choice. This one also has the added benefit of being near our place, so we didn’t have to travel far. Saturday morning, Adam’s parents arrived.


We knew the group would be coming into town this weekend since the middle of July, just two weeks into living in the city. We’d walk around and say things like, “we have to bring the parents here!” or “I can’t wait to show them that!”, so it’s a little strange that it’s over now. It kind of feels like the end of Christmas.

Let’s think positive though, shall we? The most wonderful month of the year arrived over the weekend and there’s still so much to look forward to. We’re also ready to get back into a routine and I’m feeling refreshed and ready to get back on track with finding a job and continuing to settle into the city. Having them here was so much fun and getting the chance to show them our spots around here (and trying a few new ones) made me fall in love with this place even more.

Fall has arrived

posted on: Friday, September 23, 2016



It is finally here and thank goodness, because I need a new season. I seem to get antsy towards the end of each one, ready for a change. Of course, I’m also excited to be in this city during my favorite time of year. Even people who love summer can’t help but admit how amazing the city is in the fall. Although, it seems that autumn is sleeping in at the moment as the temperature today reached the high 80’s and I sweat my way right through another shirt. Ugh! In my head, Fall arrives tomorrow because the temperatures will be dropping 15 degrees (cue the hallelujah chorus). Someone once mentioned that there’s rarely an ease into temperature changes here and it seems they were right! Its been warm all of this week and next week the temperatures aren’t even going to reach the 80’s.

Cooler weather is like instant happiness for me, almost like I get a rush of endorphins every time I feel the cooler air. I have this theory that it’s because I grew up in Ft. Lauderdale where fall anywhere else was as cold as it ever got in my hometown. I remember feeling like it wasn’t really winter until everyone wore hoodies at school and that was as much as we ever needed to bundle up. I love the chilly weather, getting cozy, wearing sweaters and layers, and it’s almost time. So, here’s to a beautiful first fall weekend. I hope you have a great one!