Random Musings From A Rainy Tuesday

posted on: Wednesday, November 30, 2016


I wrote most of this yesterday, but never hit publish. Since today is pretty much the same (headache included, boo), I decided to go ahead and post it. So, this was my yesterday with all of its random musings.


It’s a rainy day here in NYC and the jackhammers have begun, as they tend to do this time of the morning (it’s 9:30 as I write this). A townhouse is being renovated close enough to our place to elicit a headache if I wish to air out this apartment and cool down the heat the radiator can’t help but produce. Thankfully, I am up at about 6:30 or would be lulled awake by the soothing sound of construction.

Our living room gets some light when the sun is out, but hardly any the minute the clouds roll in and this morning is much more the latter. Cozy, dark, and beckoning me to make a cup of tea and work from under a blanket and to push off a shower and confining jeans for just another twenty minutes.


It’s now almost 1 o’clock in the afternoon. I’m meeting a friend for coffee at 2, so I’m showered and flanneled which basically just means I’m wearing flannel, but “flanneled” is a fun word.

Side note: it’s actually a real word, and here I thought I was being clever. Fun fact of the day.

It’s a warmer, rainier fall day and I believe flannel is pretty perfect for that. See also: beanies. Just right for when you don’t want to walk in the rain, but have to. Let humidity do it’s thing to the lower half of your hair, the rest is contained in knitted bliss.

I’m battling a headache and just took some medicine because “don’t be a hero!” is sort of the battle cry of the Hill household when one of us has a headache. We wave our white flags knowing we will suffer from deep regret if we try to battle it any longer than we need to.

I’m looking forward to catching up with my friend in a bit, but oh, how I would be glued to this sofa if I had nothing else planned. The rain seems to have no plans to lighten up at all and I usually surrender to it, just like this headache. There might be a metaphor somewhere in there, but that also might be the headache talking.


Tonight, we lit our first Christmas tree purchased in the city. More on her later. We still have to add ornaments and get her looking beautiful for the holiday, but you will be formally introduced soon. Until then, I hope you had a sunnier Tuesday than I did. If not, I hope you had a cup of hot tea to make you feel a little more cozy.