The Mondayest Monday

posted on: Monday, September 19, 2016

I was expecting a relaxing, productive Monday. I romanticized the thought of a rainy Monday in, coffee in hand, waiting for my Costco delivery (because how relaxing does NOT going to Costco sound?) and applying for jobs from the comfort of my sofa. Instead, I got my derriere handed to me. Anxious thoughts, a sick puppy, not getting my delivery until 9:30PM, and Adam being out of town made for an overwhelming and stressful day. In reality, it wasn’t that horrible of a day, but when anxiety is high, it certainly feels like it. Being anxious all day is exhausting and my butt has been straight kicked, you guys! I’m off to bed now and so thankful for this day to be over and for a brand new one tomorrow. I’m just relishing in the fact that this mean Tuesday HAS to be better. Right? RIGHT?


Side note: We’re doing fine here in Manhattan. It has been inspiring to see the people of this amazing city come together in the face of such terrifying events. We were home when it happened, uptown, but crazy to think we had walked that exact block to take the 1 train home from the 23rd street station just a few hours prior. It’s a scary time and I know my stupid, crappy day is really not crappy in light of so many horrible things happening in our world today. I just needed to silly rant on my blog for a minute. I’m so thankful no one was seriously hurt on Saturday and thankful for the NYPD and FDNY for working so hard to keep our city safe!

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