Thoughts from the coffee shop

posted on: Monday, September 12, 2016

I had an hour to kill today while my iPhone was in surgery (new battery). I was on the Upper East Side, a neighborhood I’m not too familiar with, so I just roamed. I set out to find a magazine and quaint coffee shop, but the coffee shop found me first. It’s a bookstore/coffee shop combo and I loved it. I think I might have to wander over there more often.

Anyway, I broke out my red Moleskine and jotted whatever came to my head and these thoughts read basically as follows:

  • From this point forward, I will always have a book with me.
  • Not having my phone right now is amazing and I may need to put mine on airplane mode more often.*
  • Husband is out of town, which stinks, but it’s also a bit liberating to be solo in the city for the first time.*
  • No, really, hating how much time I spend on my phone right now. I feel like I’m missing too much.


*My GPS and camera make it impossible for me to be without it, but a girl can dream.

*This is literally the first time I’ve been here, out of all the times I’ve spent here over the years, that I’ve been without a family member in town as well. Still, I’m counting down the (thankfully few) days until he’s home.