Four Miles And A Heat Wave

posted on: Friday, September 9, 2016


Just popping in for a quick “hello”! It’s late and I’m heading to bed soon as we have a 4-mile run planned first thing tomorrow morning. We’re training for a 15k in December and then a half in March. It’ll be Adam’s first and my second! Yes, I plan on punishing myself with two hours of running again. I actually loved that distance, I must say. It was really hard, but completely rewarding. I was actually sad when it was over, believe it or not, and would listen to my playlist from the race and get misty-eyed. On to the next!

Last weekend’s weather was a kiss of Fall and felt SO lovely. This weekend: heat wave. Earlier this week, a few news reporters were praising the “return of summer” and to them I say: MOVE TO FLORIDA. Also, they probably never have to take the subway, because it’s always 20 degrees hotter in a subway station. I’m so tired of being sweaty, you guys. It’s getting old!

We’re still planning on having a great weekend, sweat and all. We’re dubbing tomorrow, “Adam and Katy’s day of fun!” (P.S. – Please say that to your self in Janice from Friends’ voice, it makes it so much better.) Adam is traveling a ton this month for work, so we’re going to celebrate the weekend and enjoy some fun stuff around town that I will tell you all about on Monday.

On that note, I’m off to brush my teeth and head to bed. Goodnight!