The Weekend We Refused To Labor, Yet Walked A Million Miles

posted on: Wednesday, September 7, 2016


It’s getting late (what, 9:30 is “late” for me!) and I’m going to pass out by 10:30, BUT! I’m determined to get blog posts out M,W,F so, here I am!

I decided not to blog on Monday this week in the name of not laboring on Labor Day. So, hello! I hope you all had a lovely little break. We did more of the usual, including our Saturday morning run and some more walking around town. Sunday night, we jumped on the train to Brooklyn where some friends of ours were hosting a little backyard cookout. Yes, a backyard in NYC! What sorcery is this?! Okay, just kidding, but it was really lovely! It really felt (and smelled) like Labor Day once they had that barbecue fired up. We ate the most delicious food and then headed on home.

Hermi(o)ne didn’t really show her face and the weather was actually pretty wonderful. Granted, a bit overcast 2/3 of the days, but we welcomed the cool air and had the AC off and windows open each morning. I get this crazy endorphin high when the weather turns cooler and a bit more crisp and I can finally start opening the windows. Fresh air flowing into the office just smells so good and I suddenly start craving hot Chai lattes and pumpkin spiced everything, because I’m unashamedly predictable.

This week has been okay. It’s a short week but even so, I still feel like we’re a day ahead, isn’t that weird? It’s Wednesday, but it feels like Thursday which unfortunately means that tomorrow will feel like Friday and isn’t it an awful shock when you have to remind yourself that the weekend is still a day away?

Okay, I’m rambling, which clearly means I need to get offline and sip on my peppermint tea before I head to bed.

Did you do anything fun for Labor Day?

  • Kat

    Yay I’m glad you got to go out to Brooklyn!

  • It was so fun!