Those three magical words: “Three-Day Weekend”

posted on: Friday, September 2, 2016


The three-day weekend begins SO soon, friends. This is that magical time of the day where Friday slowly transforms and melts into the weekend. I know it when it happens, I can just feel it happening. Life gets a little less stressful and makes way for a more laid-back vibe. I love that Friday feeling, don’t you?

It doesn’t hurt that today is the most gorgeous day in NYC, an absolutely perfect day acting as the calm before the storm (literally), because Hermine has got her eyes on my city. Hopefully, she returns just in time for Tuesday, which will technically be Monday. As Florida kids, Adam and I are pros at hurricane parties and some of our best memories involve days off of school, flashlights, taped-up windows (or a twin mattress pushed up against the window, in my case), and tons of snacks. Now we can add wine to that list, which makes it even better.

As of now, it’s still Friday. The weather is still clear and I’m about to sip on some earl gray tea and plan our meals for the next few days before braving Trader Joe’s. I hear this is the day to shop there and avoid the longest lines you’ve ever seen. (I’ll never go on a Monday again, let’s just leave it at that.)

Wishing you all a most wonderful, long, restful weekend. Stay safe if you’re in the path of Hermine!

P.S. Does anyone else keep wanting to call it Hermione or is it just me?

  • Kat

    I keep wanting to call her that too…

    How was trader joes?

    And have a great weekend!

  • My arms almost broke off carrying the bags home and it was definitely NOT empty, but I lived to tell the tale! ;)