Autumn Me

posted on: Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tribeca, NYC //
Even though it’ll be 90 degrees on Friday, I feel like the seasons are slowly starting to change. Summer is bidding it’s initial farewells and Fall is easing itself in, taking it’s time, just like Fall would. A front came through on Sunday and since then, we’ve been enjoying morning temperatures in the mid-sixties. Our walks with the dogs have been so much more pleasant, with nary a drop of back sweat. Praise! I’m more than ready to begin my first full season here in New York and my favorite one at that. I’m ready for less boob sweat and more sweaters. Football has begun and that means my favorite time of year will follow closely behind it. It may sound strange, but just having football games on every weekend is comforting to me. This chai tea latte I’m currently drinking is also quite comforting and making me a happy, happy girl. Falling leaves of red, gold and orange, crisp air, layers, boots. Fall in New York City, oh how I’m ready for you.