Sometimes you just need a pep talk from Tracy Morgan

posted on: Thursday, August 11, 2016

Let today be known as the day I met Tracy Morgan and he gave me the pep talk I really needed. Remember my post from yesterday? It was a rough day.

So this morning, I’m walking the dogs back to our apartment and notice Tracy Morgan leaning against the tree along the sidewalk. Now, I’ve always been a fan of his and we LOVE 30 Rock.

I usually don’t like to bother celebrities when I see them, I usually just freak out internally and keep on walking. I had headphones in my ears and had my hands full with the dogs, so I was just going to keep on moving when he gave me a thumbs up. I took out my headphones and the following interaction happened.

Tracy: How are you doing today?

Me: I’m good! How are you? You’re amazing by the way, I just love you.

Tracy: I love you too, baby. (Seriously read that with the tone of his voice, because it’s the best. Gestures towards the path I was walking down) Now you go on and take on this day! You go get this day!

(I honestly don’t remember the exact pep talk, I was in complete shock at this point, but this was the gist. He said it with such conviction and it was just a positive, motivating thing to hear from someone you’re a fan of.)

Me: Thank you so much, Tracy! I really needed that.

He also told me I was beautiful and considering I felt like a disgusting, sweaty mess (this humidity is killer), it made my day. Now, I don’t normally care to mention when anyone compliments me because it always sounds like a humble brag, but COME ON I HAD TO IT’S TRACY MORGAN.

The doorman for the building we were near was hanging by us and was clearly entertained by this whole interaction. It was amazing. I honestly don’t remember the rest or how we ended it. I walked walked home almost convinced I had hallucinated the whole entire interaction. But it happened. This morning, before 8:30, my day was made.

  • Rizza

    That’s awesome! And I totally read the “I love you too, baby” in his voice lol.

  • Kat