Good Will (Apartment) Hunting

posted on: Monday, June 6, 2016


Two weeks ago, we flew up to New York to apartment hunt. For weeks leading up to the search, we Googled the everloving crap out of what this entire process might look like. In case you hadn’t heard, apartment hunting in NYC is no joke. It felt as close to buying a house as I can imagine, only we had about three days to get the ENTIRE process completed and to get all of the forms signed, sealed, and delivered before we had to head back to Charlotte.

Adam went to work that Monday at his company’s NYC office, so it was just me running around to appointment, after appointment, after appointment (after appointment). I found a few great apartments in a not-so-great area and had to veto them. I then continued on to find a few small and not-so-great apartments in better parts of town, but had to pass on those as well. I ended up surrendering that day around 2 PM before collapsing onto the bed in our AirBNB. Three hours and 20,000 steps later I was exhausted, overwhelmed, and back on Street Easy to find more listings. I should also note that while I found a ton of great places to see online, only about 40% would even consider our dogs and these ladies are coming with us no matter what, so there was that. It should also be noted that we decided to use an awesome broker who kept us as sane as possible during this crazy process.

On Tuesday morning, after sending her a few listings, my mom told me that she felt today was the day we’d find our new home. Because my mom is the best (and pretty much always right), I had a really good feeling about it. Thankfully, Adam had a few hours to spend with me to look at places. We looked at about ten more apartments (I lost count) and ran around for two hours straight. After another hour of thinking through the place Adam liked the best, having a slight panic attack, barely touching my pizza at lunch (so unlike me), and finally texting my best friends and calling my mom (with maybe some tears thrown in there for good measure), we started the 24-hour process of getting approved for our apartment. Thankfully, I found out the very next day while having coffee with my friend Gracie that we were accepted! One bank trip, a long signing process, and a big chunk of change later (thank goodness we’re good savers), we had a home! In an amazing neighborhood! Our new place feels bigger than our current studio, actually has a bedroom, a balcony, and is dangerously close to a Shake Shack. Relief!

So, it’s official. We leave Charlotte on June 30th and arrive home on July 1st, just in time to spend the 4th of July in my favorite city.

  • Jen

    Ohmygosh…so exciting! Love reading about this new journey for you! Thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you so much, Jen! We’re thrilled. Can’t wait to share more!