Anything Is Possible

posted on: Monday, February 22, 2016


Food for thought, huh? It’s Monday and, well, let’s face it, it feels like a Monday. Here in Charlotte, the skies are blurred with dark clouds making my eyes heavy, proving difficult to open and the fun of the weekend is wearing away as we get started on the path of a new week. Some of us start off feeling ready for a new week, a clean slate, nothing but possibilities ahead of us. Then again, many of us are stuck and can’t seem to move in a direction. I’m somewhere in the middle.

It got me thinking, though, that maybe we decide today to turn the tables on our thoughts and dig deep inside ourselves to find that voice we once heard loud and clear when we were children and reawaken the dreams we once thought impossible. Because maybe they are possible and maybe we could be whoever it is we want to be. Maybe time doesn’t matter, because no matter how long it takes, the time will pass anyway and everything all of those inspiring Pinterest quotes tell us.

I’ve had that voice inside me get louder and louder recently and suddenly it doesn’t feel so impossible. Call it silly or naive, if you must. Go right ahead, I wouldn’t blame you. Then again, I’m a relentless and passionately stubborn dreamer, ready to release the breaks I put on my dreams so long ago. God has spoken them back into my heart and I’m ready to listen. I’m finally ready to be brave. It may not work out, that flame may be snuffed out for good and the dream may just become a memory, but at least I would given it a try, right? At least I won’t have to ask myself that heart-wrenching question, “what if?” and it will be out of my system. Maybe it will lead to a different dream realized and will lead me down a path I was meant to be all along, even if I can’t see the direction quite yet. Or maybe something more will happen. Maybe my big, crazy, scary dream will come true. It’s worth a shot, after all.

It only took 28 years, but I’m finally ready to listen and I’m ready to work for it and fight for myself and my dreams. Are you?