Rabbit, Rabbit

posted on: Thursday, February 4, 2016


It’s February! Yes, I am indeed a few days late to the party. I only just pulled January off of the calendar yesterday. I dramatically ripped that piece paper and threw January in the garbage. It felt good since January basically kicked my trash (pun fully intended). I actually felt like I needed a few days this week to recover from it. I’m just about there now, ready to see human beings and form cohesive sentences (for the most part).

The last two days have been cloudy and bouncing between monsoon-like, drizzly, and just plain misty. I actually like the kind of weather that makes the world feel gray, but it almost feels wasted on a winter weekday. As much as I love a weekend of gorgeous weather a chilly, rainy Sunday is the stuff of dreams. Nothing to do, nowhere to be, just relaxing with movies, books, and music.

On overcast weekdays I find myself unable to open my eyes all the way without the bright sunlight coming through the windows. My productivity takes a nosedive as I spend my time wishing I was curled up and cozy in that mussed up bed you see up there. In my dreams, my dogs would be completely clean at all times and somehow fit in bed with us and we’d curl up to watch movies. Sadly, that’s not real life when work needs to get done and the dogs are filthy most of the time (and too big) but, hey! A girl can dream, right?