Saturday, Saturday

posted on: Saturday, January 30, 2016

Well hey, it’s Saturday. We did it! Not only are we done with this week, but we’re almost done with this month. All of the high fives and imaginary confetti for us!

This January has kind of felt like walking through mud, there’s no better way to say it. The month flew by, but the days and weeks dragged on, if that makes any sense. I’ve been in super hibernation mode because of it and it truly has been restoring. Sometimes you just have to say “no” and do what feels right for you, even if that means seeming completely anti-social for a few weeks. Self-care is so important and it had to happen. Come Monday, I’m hoping I’ll reemerge a more rested, social human being, but we’ll just have to wait and see about that. All the rest for the weary, I say.

We took care of getting our oil changed this morning. (I know, great blog material, the intrigue!) We were responsible and productive all before 9:30 on a Saturday. The trick here is to bribe yourself with carbs and caffeine (I wasn’t caffeinated before leaving the house), in the form of a walk for bagels and good coffee, then a trip for some pastries. It worked.

I’m now off to have some quality time with the handsome gentleman to my right. It’s going to be a gorgeous weekend and we plan to take full advantage of it. After a rough week, this kind of do-what-we-want weekend is just what we needed. I’m sure I’ll be posting on Snapchat and Instagram throughout the weekend (@iamkatyhill on both). Hope you all have a weekend that provides just what you need whether that’s rest, adventure, or all of the carbs.