2016: Expectant

posted on: Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Well, it only took 3.5 weeks, but I’ve finally found my word for 2016. Expectant.

Expectant: “Having or showing an excited feeling that something is about to happen, especially something pleasant and interesting.”

Isn’t that beautiful? I just love that. On Monday, I had this wave of peace and excitement come over me and while I was talking to a friend on Monday about how expectant I was for this week, it hit me. That’s my word. I’m expectant that God is about to answer some major prayers for us and expecting magic. Expectant about how He is going to move in our lives as we step out in faith on some things. I’m just expectant that this is year is going to be so, so good for us.

We’ve been going through a long, rough season and we just need a good year. A really good year. Let me quickly clarify this by noting that I know that no year is absolutely perfect. Life is never perfect and it’s a constant ebb and flow, but some years are just really good. Every year of our marriage has had some major, stressful bumps in the road and we’re just ready for a restful chapter, a joyful chapter of our lives. We seek joy where we are, in whatever circumstances, yes, but we’re expecting that in just eleven short months, we’ll look back on 2016 as a wonderfully pleasant and interesting year full of love, life, fun, adventure, rest, and being brave. Amen

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