Anything Could Happen

posted on: Monday, June 22, 2015


As I write this, it’s Sunday night. 9:04 PM. Our two dogs are currently lying flat on the hardwood floors trying to collect as much of the air conditioned-soaked wood into their skin as possible. Ahhh, summer walks. It’s the first day of summer so I can officially call them “summer walks” now, even though the last month has been so crazy hot that Spring is but a distant memory at this point. During the winter months, my girls could walk all day. The dry, cold air is much less likely to suck the life out of them so fast. We waited until the sun was hiding behind the trees and the sting of that blasted heat was gone. They’ve been cooped up so much thanks to this triple-digit weather, so we decided to take them out as late as we could stretch it. Nola doesn’t do so well under the fluff of fur coat she wears. Penny Lane, our black lab mix, would spend all day in the sun if she could. I believe she is part cat. It’s a working theory.


Another great, yet ordinary weekend has passed by and we are settling in to begin a new week. Though this week will hopefully answer some lingering questions for us. I must stay cryptic for now, but it’s the first time in a while that I’m actually anticipating Monday’s arrival.

It’s a lazy, hazy Sunday evening and we are settling into it, into the new week and into the possibilities that lie ahead of us. Anything could happen.