One Hot Friday night

posted on: Friday, April 3, 2015


I just had to take a moment to blog about our hot Friday night. Super hot. Mondo hot. (Do people say “mondo” anymore?)

I digress.

So, Adam is currently watching Interstellar and I’m letting him because, well, he doesn’t need my permission and I just picked up two books at the library, so he can proceed with this epically long, drawn-out movie that he has been dying to see. So, he’s watching.

I just proceed to poke my head up and out of my book long enough to ask such thought-provoking questions as, “Are they on another planet now?” To which my love replies, “Yes.”

Ten minutes later, “Did someone die?” To which my still-loving, but now a bit impatient husband replies, “Yes.”

“So, that’s his son? His son is Ben Affleck’s brother? How is he so old already?” To which he presses pause, explains the crazy reason his kids are suddenly twenty years older in the course of twenty minutes without Matthew McConaughey(hey) aging one bit. “Because, science”, he explains.


This could really go on for hours. Well, about two more by my calculations.