A Good Kind Of Monday

posted on: Monday, January 19, 2015


This Monday is one of those Mondays. A good Monday. A rare breed of Monday! I look over the details of the first half of the day, the mundane and the different. Making notes of each detail, so I could have a chance to recreate this light and airy-Monday feeling. It could be as scientific as the fact that it’s almost sixty degrees in January, that could be it. It could be more romantic than that, I suppose. Some few circumstances brightening up the day even more than the sun pouring through the office window. Then again, Vitamin D overdose is all it could really be.

I like it though.

My desk is organized, my planner has check marks accenting the tasks listed. The (decaf) coffee in my favorite mug with the perfect amount of coconut and almond milk. The candle adding a little ambience, the dogs taking extra long naps thanks to a long walk I managed to get in this morning. The Pure Barre class I took for the first time this morning thanks to my ClassPass membership. My favorite hoodie in the whole wide world gracing my shoulders.

Who knows? It’s just a really good Monday and I wanted to make note of it. So here it is.

Thanks for being quite lovely, Monday.

– The very appreciative, me.