Eliminating clutter, Elimination diet

posted on: Wednesday, January 7, 2015


This weekend, Christmas went away and the bug bit. The cleaning bug. The donate or throw everything we own away bug. It bit! It itched! We scratched!


We’re downsizing, simplifying, selling things. We have a giant pile to donate already and that’s only from one room. We’re going room-by-room this next month or two and it already feels SO much better. Our linen closet actually looks like a closet! Hooray!

Not only are we eliminating clutter, but Adam and I are doing the 21-day elimination diet. We’re trying to nail down the cause of some issues for Adam and it was just easier if I did it with him and why not just see if I could feel better too? So, sure! Sign me right up!

On day two, I was taking a shot of coffee at Trader Joe’s like I’m taking a shot of vodka because day one’s headache had me feeling sick as all heck and trying to be a hero for six hours before finally taking an Excedrin Migraine. Note to self: don’t be a hero. I should have weaned off the caffeine slowly and that, my friends, is a truth fact. It’s day three. I wish it was day twenty.

I won’t post too much on it here, unless you really want me to. Just know that it’s not the most fun, but it’s good for you. It’s kind of crazy when you realize how much sugar and caffeine affect your body. By this weekend we should be feeling 110% human. More human than ever! Super human! I jest. You have to laugh or you’ll cry (kidding..sort of.)



Clearly, we’re doing really well right now.

Nola’s doing fine as well, thanks for asking.





  • oh, i’d like to hear more about it! i guess i can google it but i’d be interested in your experiences on it. my husband and are currently on day 10 of whole30 and i sorta hate my life right now. ha. on the upside, it’s taken me 10 days to REALLY crave chocolate..so i guess that’s good?

  • Laura B

    love hearing how eliminations goes, if you’re up to sharing!

  • Of course! I will do some updates these next few weeks.

  • I heard the Whole 30 might be a little easier, because you can have caffeine. I read through the Whole 30 though and there’s nothing easy about it! We’re on the same boat and should probably finish around the same time. We shall celebrate virtually! I already crave chocolate, so you’re doing much better than me! My favorite sweet snack is dark chocolate and freshly ground peanut butter and I cannot have either! Sigh. Good luck this month, Jen! I will definitely share some updates with you all.