This is Halloween

posted on: Friday, October 31, 2014


Flashback Friday from Halloween three years ago, when I had brown hair and Nola was just a little flying-pumpkin squirt. Yes, I share these pictures almost every year but LOOK AT LITTLE NOLA!

Happy Halloween! I tell ya, when I was a kid I was so excited to become an adult and HAND OUT the candy when I was younger. Strange, I know, but there’s a power that comes with being President Of The Candy Bowl. You are automatically the most popular person within a three-foot radius for exactly 12.45 seconds. It’s magical. And YOU ARE HOLDING THE CANDY. It’s that whole “one for you, three more me” type situation. All. The. Candy Power.

Sadly, even though we live in a house, we only get about one trick-or-treater a year. The irony! See those photos? We had this whole set-up for trick-or-treaters and were so excited, until we realized that no one was coming by. I want the trick-or-treaters! I want the power!

Oh..OH! AND! they’re calling for possible snow flurries there’s that. I do love snow, but it’s a bit early for that. You have to ease into these things, is my theory. Last weekend felt like summer and this weekend will feel like winter. The problem with fall is that it’s so fleeting. Mother nature can’t quite find the balance. I AM NOT READY TO LET GO OF FALL. Sigh.

But HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Eat all of the candy for me! I limited to myself to a handful of mini-sized chocolate bars, because my sweet tooth is dangerous. I can never just have one little piece of candy. My poor future-children will have to share their loot with me, the candy fiend. I can’t wait.

  • happy halloween to you too! i am totally in the same boat. we barely had fall here and now there’s a winter weather advisory? #donotwant

  • Hey Diana!! Did you get any snow? Zilch here. Just cold, cold rain. #idratherhavesnow

  • omgosh! i feel so bad that i saw this 2 months later! *blush* but nope, no snow. though it was verrry cold. 3 wks before christmas though and we’re in the 50’s. i don’t even know what’s what. ha.