posted on: Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Last Friday, I noticed that bloom up there. It’s Fall here, of course, and each morning is more crisp than the last with each day leaving more and more leaves on the ground, ready for our feet to crunch them up while walking around the backyard. This tree just seemed to give up and go straight from green to bare, not a shade of gold in sight, most of it did anyway. I was in the backyard and noticed two blooms. While the rest of the tree gave up, these flowers decided to get all gussied up in their spring best for one last moment of beauty before hibernating for the winter. They’re not supposed to bloom passed April, not when the weather is so cold each night, but those buds didn’t care, they didn’t care if it made sense, if the circumstances weren’t ideal, they just bloomed. I can relate.

I’m starting another business while in the middle of starting a business. To many, this would seem crazy. At times, to me, it’s scary as heck, but It’s what I’ve been wanting to do for a while now and knowing me and my personality, this all makes sense. I’m starting a photography business. I’ve always loved photography and have loved capturing moments for friends and family. It’ll also be one of my jobs in the wine business. I’ll be the creative director, photographer and brand manager, so I’m offering those services to others as well. It makes sense to me, despite what others might say and I will bloom, even in the chaos.


So many times I’ve wanted to retreat and find something safe, sturdy, reliable, but that’s just not me and that’s just not my heart. So many times, I wanted to be like those leaves on the rest of the tree and just give up and do what I’m supposed to do.

I recently read this interview with Lauren Scruggs (who is amazing, by the way), and this part of the Q+A really stuck out to me:

How has your faith played a role in your journey as an entrepreneur?

I have often hesitated to move forward in starting my own business because in my human vision, it looked like safer opportunities were surrounding me. I have learned to trust in the clarity the Lord has brought me as I walk into the unknown. Risks for me are just big steps of faith that reveal the Lord’s faithfulness and augment personal growth and purpose.”

God keeps leading me, leading us into the unknown and into this crazy adventure. I find myself often looking over at Adam and saying, “I love this life we have together”. It’s not easy at all. We aren’t wealthy by America’s definition and we’re saving every drop we can to make our dreams work. To be honest, some of our main goals and dreams don’t actually fit the budget, but this is us trusting in faith and walking through whatever doors He chooses to open. It’s a beautiful thing and requires complete dependence on God. Our time in this world is too short to not go for dreams both big and small. I must say, I am more than ready for the adventure.

  • Caroline Arey

    I am just so proud of you!

  • My heart is bursting! You are the best.