Me vs. The Stomach Flu

posted on: Friday, October 10, 2014


Well, you probably know the score of that game. I went to the mountains on Monday and was hit that night with the stomach flu and I’m just now feeling somewhat back to normal. It was no good, no good at all. Except having my mom there, that part was very good. It’s been forever since I was sick with my mom by my side and I tell you, when I’m that sick, all I want is my mom. I love my dear, sweet Adam to the moon and back, but he just won’t do in these situations. Mom wins. He’d rather she be there than him anyway, so don’t feel too sorry for the guy.

I am now back in Charlotte and Adam got home from a work trip yesterday. He was gone all week, which makes me that much more thankful that I was at my mom and step-dad’s house where they have a big backyard for the pups and I could just sleep the day away, which I did. Tuesday was a blur.

I missed a few days of the October blog challenge, but if I had recorded what a day in my life was like last Tuesday, it would have just been images of a dark room with the TV on, me buried under the covers and some other unfortunate things that I chose not to share. You are welcome.

I’ll be back later with the next blog challenge post. I wasn’t feeling 100% this morning, but the iced coffee I’m sipping on now is hopefully going to help me carpe this diem.