Some thoughts and a big ol’ bug.

posted on: Wednesday, September 17, 2014


In the blog world, I feel like it’s not really kosher to say, “Hey, I wanna talk about this more or change in this direction” or make big declarations that I tend to love to do here from time to time without having a solid plan in place. It’s fine when you have everything lined up, but when you don’t? You try and pray that no one remembered that big declaration and skip right over it. Sigh (and no, I’m not going back to school anymore). Twenty-seven is a weird age and I am in the thick of learning who I am and what I like, so bear with me. At least I keep things interesting? Maybe? Who knows.

My mom made a comment to me about how great it is that I have this place to record all of these moments, big and small, because she didn’t have that. It made me appreciate this space that I write in even more, so I want to record life a bit more than I do now. I want to remember this time, because big things are going to be happening soon and it’ll be fun to have it all recorded. So, yes, this is still a lifestyle blog with some more life thrown in there. Why I felt the need to explain this, who knows? Its whatever. Onward!

So last night, after dinner, Adam and I settled into the office and got to working on the wine business. I requested that we work from home instead of an office in his building. I just work better at home. My favorite time of the day is when I am home working, in that comfy chair, sitting with my legs folded up, getting work done with my two girls sleeping right by me, Nola at my feet and Penny on her make-shift bed. I put on some good music and get to work. That’s how it is right at this very moment and it’s so peaceful. I just wish I could open that giant window above Penny, but for some reason the owner of the house made it literally impossible to open most windows in this house (insert stink-face emoji here).

Okay, so last night. So we were working for about an hour or so, when Adam came over and grabbed onto the back of the chair and slowly pulled me away from the desk. I thought it was a sweet way of him saying it was time to stop working and just relax and put on stretchy pants and things of the sort. Then I noticed something fly right behind Nola. It was a GIANT ROACH. A giant FLYING roach. So he was being sweet, just not in the way I expected. We can’t open most of the windows, but they some how still end up in our house. Where there’s a will, there’s a roach.

See! If I didn’t write about this now, then how would I remember such acts of chivalry performed by my husband years down the road? Posterity, friends. Posterity.

Well, that was fun, back to work.

  • RoseyRebecca

    Oh man! I would have freaked the heck out. Love your tea in the coffee mug. Hope the roach thing doesn’t become a problem. Good luck!

  • Carmella Jarvi

    :-) Big roaches are outdoor – tree – ones… (Doesn’t always make it better!!)

    But, Adam is sweet! Hugs to both of you.

  • We’ve had two in the house THIS WEEK! Our house is not a tree. I blame the rain and changing of the seasons. Hopefully they’ll go away now, once they hear how seriously we take our roach exterminating. ;) Hugs back!

  • Thank you!! Oh, I did freak right the heck out. Yikes.

    Ha, that mug is a dirty, dirty liar.

    Fingers crossed! Thankfully, we have a rental management company that I can complain to at any point and we rarely do. But I don’t handle roaches well.

  • Carmella Jarvi

    Thanks for the chuckle!! (You made me laugh out loud… imagining you and Adam living in a hippy tree house!!!!) You are right… and, I do not like seeing them at all! (But, makes me feel a little better knowing this;-) Fall is extra buggy… I dislike all the spiders that come in (plus we have a more rustic studio, so I deal with these same things there!!)