Office Space Dreaming

posted on: Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Julia Manchik’s Office Space ]

So, I have this new method of cleaning my desk space. It’s amazing how I can now manage to clean my work space in five minutes flat, instead of the hour or so it would take for me to go through each item and decide if it’s trash or meant to keep. Want to know my secret? You sure?

Okay, here it is… First, I take everything I don’t need immediately and then I proceed to hide it in our former coffee table/ottoman/storage holder that Penny Lane destroyed and now sleeps on because she fought hard and won that battle by ripping holes in the darn thing. Hard to argue with that.

Anyway, it’s all in there with our defunct printer and my heating pad that I only need about once a month. Ahem. So, one day I will have to face it all again, oh yes I will. But! I figure, if I don’t need it enough to make Penny Lane move so that I can grab it, then it’s clearly not that important and it will all go into the trash when we move. So, you know, it’s brilliant and not lazy in the slightest. Nope, not at all.

But that space right up there? Oh, that is the office space of the absolutely lovely Julia Manchik and her husband. I pinned the first photo on top and when I discovered just whose office space that was, I was hardly surprised. I’ve been following Julia on Instagram for a while now and her photos are always beautiful, just like this space. I mean, look at that rustic table top, those mid-century twill chairs, the touch of green with the plants, those photos on the wall and that print! It’s everything I love in a simple space.

It has me dreaming about what I want our home office to look like in our next place, wherever that may be. Or maybe just a remodel, right we are? I mean, when you work from home you might as well make the space beautiful, right? The goal is for Adam and I to be working from home together on the wine business someday and I think this is the perfect inspiration for an office space built for two.