As a tough season comes to an end, we shall rest.

posted on: Friday, August 29, 2014


[ It’s All Good // Body Book // Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? ]

The weekend has begun. Officially. As of right now, as of right this very minute. Can you feel it? The excitement and relief of a Friday evening? It’s the best.

Today was spent rushing and running around like a madwoman, really. I don’t know why I felt the need to stuff as many errands in as I possibly could get done, but maybe it’s because I am just ready to  r e l a x  already and wanted nothing interrupting that. Adam agrees. Well, he didn’t actually agree with me, but he’s currently napping to my left, so I think that says it all. I just asked him if I could go shopping this weekend and he didn’t say no. So that means yes, right?

I am actually planning on reading all weekend long. You see, I have this habit of putting about ten books on hold at once, because they are all on an incredibly long waiting list. The problem is, I end up getting most of my hold list all at once and what’s a girl to do with herself? READ, dangit! So there’s just some of my reading material up there.

Our real plans for the weekend? Nothing. No, but that’s our plan. Our plan is to do NOTHING! That’s what we have scheduled for ourselves. I can’t remember the last time we had three days to do whatever the heck we wanted to do. We shall enjoy it, we shall rest, we shall celebrate God’s goodness and our families health. This past month, these past few months, really, have felt like hard labor, so it’s pretty darn perfect that we can relax knowing everything is going to be okay. God is good and we are good and our family members are healing. And so, on that note, a very happy labor day weekend to you!

  • jen

    Ohhh, i have been wanting to read mindy’s book for months. I bet it’s hilarious and good relax book.