A clean house and lots of rest

posted on: Monday, August 18, 2014


This weekend was way better than I expected it to be. Turns out, a night to myself was actually pretty nice. A Saturday to myself, the first lone Saturday I’ve had in forever, was the most productive I’ve had in just as long. After waking up and enjoying my Saturday morning ritual (a hot cup of coffee and Good Morning America), I drove to the gym for a great workout and then headed home for a day of deep cleaning the house. I’m talking the…whole…day. I rushed to finish folding the laundry before meeting Caroline, her husband and friends for a night of jazz at Freedom Park. Then I rushed to the Amtrak station to be reunited with my favorite guy and mini-cupcakes. Best souvenir ever, in my book.

Sunday was h e a v e n l y. We slept TEN HOURS Saturday night. Usually, I feel awful after sleeping that much, but I woke up to the feeling that it was just what I needed. Adam caught whatever I had last week, so I know it’s what he needed as well. We then proceeded to be completely lazy for most of the day, only getting off the couch for some home decor window shopping. I now have this sofa on my wishlist (aka the save-for-a-while list). It’s navy and it’s beautiful and– oh, off topic. Right.

To finish up, we rested some more. I prayed that Sunday would be rejuvenating and that’s just what it was. After the last two weeks, I’m a little anxious for the start of this one, but hopefully it’ll be absolutely wonderful. Wishing you a great one!

  • Laura B

    i adore summer music festivals… how awesome are they?
    lazy sundays are the best thing ever!
    My weekend was studying… berg. i learnt heaps, and i too slept in (but on saturday)… it was raining so i feel like i made good use of the rain times!

  • They are so much fun! I wish the weather had been better as the humidity had returned in full force after a little break. Oh goodness, studying is no fun, but awesome perseverance! Rainy weekends are great for being really productive and/or really lazy. A good mix of both is always best. ;)