posted on: Friday, August 15, 2014


You all are my favorite. The comments section in the last post made me unbelievably happy. If you missed it, please leave your favorite Friends quotes in the comments of that post because they’re amazing and are flat out making my day.

Oh and It’s Fridaaaayyyyy! (Go back and read that in your best Oprah voice. Do it.) THANK GOODNESS it’s Friday. I needed the weekend to arrive. Though, this Friday is not as much fun as it normally is, since Adam is heading out of town for the night and will be gone all day tomorrow. I like my alone time, but I also like him. Conundrum!

I’m just going to try and enjoy a night to myself with a glass of wine, homemade popcorn and some chick flicks. Oh and sleeping smack dab in the center of the bed. There’s also leftover mint chocolate ice cream, oh yes. there. is.

  • Laura Janelli

    I watched ‘The Other Woman’ last night on demand. Really funny!

  • I want to see that one, but Red Box didn’t have it. Boo! It’s times like these that I miss Blockbuster the most.

  • ” I like my alone time, but I also like him. Conundrum!”

    PREACH. I feel the same about my husband. Hope your weekend is filled with lots of fun girly things! I also hope your hubs comes home soon. ;)

  • Thank you!! He’ll be home tomorrow night. Yay!

  • Laura B

    happy weekend… enjoy your ‘you’ time and he’ll be back before you know it.

  • Thank you, sweet Laura! Just eight hours to go. ;) Though, I’m actually enjoying the alone time more than I thought I would. Sadly, he’ll be gone most of next week. A day is so much easier!