The one with the Friends marathon

posted on: Thursday, August 14, 2014


Sometimes, in life, all you need is a good Friends marathon. I used to watch hours upon hours of Friends whenever I was having a rough time in college. My roommate had every season on DVD and it’d be on our TV for hours. Actually, now that I think about it, I also watched Friends in good times and lazy times. As my background noise for cleaning or studying or when I was getting big projects done for school. Oh and when I was dating someone new and they HAD to watch every episode with me or it totally wasn’t going to work, that sort of thing.

Side note: I almost dated a guy who hated Friends and would make fun of it whenever we watched, so that didn’t last very long. He was Team Seinfeld, if you feel the need to pick teams about such things.

Friends is my go-to show and that time for hours upon hours of Friends watching is now. It’s been way too long since I’ve enjoyed myself a good Friends marathon and tonight, I will indulge. Probably with a side ice cream, because life right now just calls for it. I’m sure I’ll be cured by the time Ross says Rachel’s name at the wedding or maybe by the time Rachel calls Vegas for more alcohol and beers. “Hello, Vegas?”

P.S. I am fluent in Friends quotes/references. If you are too, I just know we’d be good friends. If you want to leave your favorite quotes in the comments, you would make my day. Do it!

  • No tv show could ever surpass my love for Friends! I think my favorite episode is the “The One With the Embryos.” Miss Chanandler Bong. Joey’s imaginary friend was named Maurice and his occupation was Space Cowboy. I think I’m going to have to go watch that now…

  • Chrissie

    My friend is moving tomorrow and all day today we just kept yelling, “Pivot! Pivot!”

  • Laura B

    I watched the entire series and while I enjoyed it… i’m not sure why but I don’t consider it a favourite.

  • I had that poster over my bed for much of adolescence. Which is why we are friends.

  • Caroline Arey


  • Heather

    Just one favorite quote? Impossible. I love them all. I’ll pick three today. (OK, five.)

    “Can opened. Worms everywhere.”

    “Like a cow’s opinion. It doesn’t matter. It’s moo”
    “That’s not running!”

  • HA! Yes! These all make me so happy.

  • Why does no one ever LISTEN TO ME?!?!?!

  • Yeesssssss. True story!

  • Hey! At least you watched every episode and liked it. We can still be friends. ;) What are your favorite shows?

  • HA! YES! Not a moving day has gone by without someone one of us yelling that.

    “Shut up, shut up, shut uuuuuup!”

  • That one is classic. I love that episode! Go watch it right now!

    “Fancy, guest, fancy guest..”

  • Lindsay @ Lindsay Weighs In

    Oh my gosh, just pick one?! “I’m not so good with the advice… Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?” When Joey is trying on things for the wedding: “This is for the ceremony, and then this for PARTY TIME.” And the episode with the cheesecakes, one of my all time favorites. IT’S ALL SO GOOD, I can’t pick. Loved this post!

  • Thanks Lindsay! I know, right? So tough! I had to say “favorite quotes” instead of “favorite quote”, because every episode has more than a few quotable moments. Loved this!

    “You have to stop the Q-Tip when there’s RESISTANCE!” is one of my favorites.

  • But they don’t know that we know they know we know!

  • “Soooo..”
    “Ah, yes! The messers become the messees!”

  • No way! been hardcore marathoning Friends lately! I’m early – usually I don’t feel the urge until Fall starts ;) Its suchhhh a cozy winter show for me!

    Oh and. “Its pee pee time.”

  • Oh man! I loved reading through all of these! FRIENDS was our go to Thanksgiving show. After football of course. But it was so much fun to gather with the whole fam and just laugh it out.

    Here are a few of my faves:

    “Ross: pi-VOT. pi-VOT.” – i almost peed my pants when i first saw this epi.
    “Chandler: WHOOOPAH!”
    “Rachel: Guys, guess what?!
    Chandler: Ok, the fifth dentist caved and now they’re ALL recommending Trident?”

  • It’s a GREAT show when the weather turns cold! Can’t think of much better than snuggling up in sweats with the windows open and a fall candle lit. Heavenly!

  • HA! The Trident one is awesome.


  • Laura B

    I’m a scatterbrain when it comes to television… i watch shows intently, then stop and go back months later. i’m 110% a dvd watcher of television shows so i can do that.

  • I totally get what you mean!