Shake It Off

posted on: Friday, August 8, 2014

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Well, hey there Friday! I do like you. That’s just me up there, right at this very minute, in all of my red-faced and makeup-less glory. My main job today is cleaning the house, so makeup is useless. Unless I’m trying to look pretty for the girls.

IMG_9370_2 IMG_9359

No, I don’t think they care.

This week has been quite trying, but with some moments of beauty mixed in as well. Still, I am so ready for the weekend and glad that it is just six hours away from now. It can be hard to shake off the heaviness a week can leave, but that’s my goal for today. To shake it off and move on to two days of fun and rest.

Rest being the key word.

My body is currently trying to decide if it’s sore from a workout class, if I am getting the flu, or…..if I have a spinal infection (no, thank you, Google MD). It’s the weirdest thing. If I get a vote, I go with sore from the gym. My back is rightfully sore from a tough class on Tuesday, but that’s not usually paired with shivering one minute and profuse sweating the next, is it? (Someone say “yes”, please.) I feel a lot better today, so that’s encouraging. My back still hurts and I’ve been sidelined from the gym for the day, but it’s amazing what nine of hours of sleep can do. Adam equipped me with an Icy Hot patch before he went to work so not only am I makeup-less, but now I smell like menthol as well. I’ve never felt more attractive.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to drink lots of healthy smoothies with as much veggies, fruit and kale as I can squeeze into them. Yes, things are about to get pretty wild over here.

  • Renee Soriano

    I absolutely love the voice of this post. It’s so real. Authentic. Blogging perfection. Happy I found you at Casey Leigh’s. Hope that back gets better. And don’t worry, Bengay smelling backs are hot. Lol

  • Wow, this just made my day! Thank you so much. My back is feeling much better now thanks to the mentholy goodness. Ha!

  • Laura B

    I love this post… its so very important to be real one because it shows our readers that we are real people with real emotions and not just people who eat, drink and be merry!

  • I’m glad you loved it! Life is a roller coaster, huh? I wouldn’t be able to write if I had to make everything seem perfect. It’s much better to be authentic.