A Weekend In The Mountains

posted on: Monday, August 4, 2014


We went to the mountains this weekend, as we try do every so often. My mom and step-dad live up there as do my sister and her family. It’s always at least ten degrees cooler up there, which makes it the perfect, quick little getaway in the summer. You guys, it felt like FALL already! You know that made me happy. All that was missing was a good cinnamon candle, but there was roasted marshmallows so I call it a win.

I really love getting time with my family and luckily, the rain didn’t hang around for as long as they had predicted. It’s also nice having a huge yard for the dogs where they can run out all of their energy and lick food off my nephew’s face to their hearts content. The wonderful side effect of having plenty of room to run and play (and a one-year-old to follow around) is that they are usually fairly comatose for at least two days after, which is a win when I’m working from home. As of right this very moment, they are passed out cold. Happy Monday to me!