Crateless in Carolina

posted on: Thursday, July 31, 2014


Here’s a whole post about the dogs for you this Thursday afternoon, but you’ll forgive me because LOOK AT THEM!

On independence day, we decided to celebrate the freedom of our country by starting the process of giving our dogs more freedom and start weaning them off of their crates at night. Our dogs are both three and it was time to gently move them out of the nest. Those honkin’ crates took up so much precious real estate and we were ready to be rid of them for good. They weren’t in their crates at all during the day, so they seemed ready.

Side note: Googling how to properly wean the dogs off of crates did not help. Most sites said you should NEVER wean them off of them, but trust me, they weren’t missing being locked in at night. We decided to move their crates into our room and then, after a few days, we left the doors open for the first time. Nola slept out of her crate that first night and Penny Lane, well she’ll sleep anywhere.

SO! They are free as birds. Nola (our golden) is best in the morning, but horrible at night. Adam has to pet her for a good ten minutes, then she’ll come to my side where I have to pet her for a while before she’ll finally settle down at night. Turning off the lights and ignoring them works after a while as well. P-Lane falls asleep right away, but then paces and whines as soon as the sun peaks it’s rays through our window. 6 AM on. the. dot. They’re opposite on everything.

In related news, Penny Lane makes the perfect alarm clock and I’ve actually enjoyed having a little extra time in the mornings. So, does this mean I’m officially a morning person?

In the end, we are happy to travel lighter, happy to have some prime square footage back, and happy the dogs are happy.


Crateless in Carolina