Wife Of The Year Question Mark?

posted on: Tuesday, July 29, 2014


So here’s how yesterday went down. Well, yesterday from 4:30-5:30. You see, every Monday Adam has an off-site meeting that I get to drive him to, thanks to us sharing a car and the oppressive summer weather. I dropped him off and made my way to Trader Joe’s to pick up one thing for Adam. ONE thing. I needed a few other things, but definitely HAD to get this ONE thing (yes, I’m sure you can sense where this is going).

Our local TJ’s is located in a busy parking garage and parking is always an adventure there, but I managed to find a spot on the first floor which always feels like a win. I picked up some things I needed and kept reminding myself to NOT get things we DON’T need because isn’t that just the easiest thing to do at Trader Joe’s?

Anyway, I get in the car, get out of the garage and am halfway back to Adam and THAT’s when it hits me that I managed to get everything but that ONE THING he needed. Sigh. Though, I didn’t just sigh. I groaned. I just didn’t feel like turning around, driving all the way back, and dealing with the garage traffic, which would then cause me to pick him up late. Thankfully, with the help of Siri, I managed to make it to a closer grocery store to pick up what he needed AND shampoo, since I noticed he was out of what he uses and thus, proceeded to save the day with time to spare!

I picked him up just as he was getting out of his meeting and regaled him with the story of my adventure and the fact that I even got him shampoo, which I took out of the bag so that he could smell the scent (and make sure it wasn’t too girly) and he approved! Whoop! Then, I looked at the bottle. Conditioner.

Wife of the year! Or not..its whatever.

  • Daphne

    Yep, you definitely own that title!

    But really, you’re too cute :)

  • Ha! Well, thank you. You’re the sweetest!