Just Keeping It Real

posted on: Monday, July 28, 2014


So, friends, we’re at Monday again. How rude of the weekend to end so fast, am I right? I hope you had a most wonderful one, yourselves. Our weekend was pretty great and, to be completely real here, a little rough at times. Thankfully, the rough patches bring out the best conversations, I’ve noticed. I think pruning would be the best way to describe it, perhaps? The process of taking away the junk and leaving only the good stuff. Thanks to those rough spots, we had some amazingly encouraging conversation about the future. I love talking about life plans with my best friend. It’s the greatest feeling, just knowing we’re on the same page.

Other things of note this weekend: we enjoyed a nice long walk with the dogs, a whole lot of couchsurfing, and grocery shopping for the Nutribullet we received from my dad on Friday night.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that Saturday was centered around just picking up tons of produce for that thing. We were like kids on Christmas which, yes, sounds a bit ridiculous, but hey! We’re so grateful for the gift and the ability to blend up fruit and veggies like pros now. So! Here’s to delicious green smoothies, necessary conversations, and good weekends. (And a blurry photo of Nola and me because my dear, sweet, husband needs to work on his focusing techniques, but I think we’ll give him a pass for now.)


  • Nick

    I think Adam’s focusing technique is perfect. Clearly the remote control was the subject of that photo. Sorry to break the news to you and Nola.

  • Adam

    I am to blurry pictures what Picasso is to weird paintings of people with noses on their foreheads. I’m an artist and that is my medium.

    Plus the remotes/phone are arranged in a backwards N as an homage to Nick.

  • Laura B

    Ssssoooo fast… i’m back at university after weeks off and this past weekend flew up.