coffee shops and date night

posted on: Monday, June 23, 2014


First of all, I could wear white button-up shirts every single day and be completely content. I may live in them this summer. I just need a closet full of white button-ups, perfect white v-neck tees and jeans and I’d be a happy, happy girl. I also had to share these shoes that the lovely people at Off Broadway Shoes sent me. No lie, these are the most comfortable heels I’ve ever owned, which means they will star in many date nights this summer.


Since Adam worked on a Saturday recently, he had this past Friday off of work. Surprise three-day weekends are always appreciated in this house. Although when you’re starting a business, “days off” actually translate to going to a coffee shop and working, but we did share a dark chocolate cookie, so hey! I’ll take it. I dream of the day that Adam can work with me on this business full-time. Until then, I’ll enjoy those rare coffee-shop weekdays with him.

That night, we decided to take a work break and switch gears for date night. We went to Nolen Kitchen, a local restaurant with delicious food and a relaxing outdoor area. We sipped wine and talked about the business, of course, but also about life and our future. There’s just something to be said about dreaming out loud together. I do plenty of it on my own, so to share those dreams with him and find which of our dreams overlap is the absolute best.

We had a really wonderful weekend that included some house tweaking, visiting a couple of our favorite coffee shops and our weekly farmer’s market run. This week is going to be a bit of a crazy one, so I’m glad we had a few days in a row to relax a bit and just enjoy each other’s company. The good stuff.