it’s almost been ten years

posted on: Monday, June 9, 2014

Many of us reach a certain kind of milestone in life. One that shakes us to our very core and makes us question everything we’ve been up to in the last ten years. Some of us pretend we invented post-its, because the thought of anything less than inventing a “special kind of glue” just doesn’t seem good enough.

So, last night I got the Facebook invite for my high school reunion next Summer. Wait — it’s been nine years? Didn’t I just graduate yesterday? How in the WORLD has it almost been ten years? I didn’t realize I was having any qualms whatsoever about getting older, but it did hit me in the gut a little bit. Time is just flying by so fast and sometimes, I look back and wonder what I have to show for it. Part of me feels like I should have it all together by now, but that’s what my 30’s are for, right?

It’s hard not to compare myself to others in general, let alone those I went to high school with. I just have to keep reminding myself that it doesn’t really matter what anyone else is up to these days. That’s all just a distraction from the task at hand. My life.

I’m an entrepreneur, currently in the throws of starting a business* with Adam, while he works full time. Adam. My wonderful husband who goes on crazy adventures with me. An incredible man that I get to do life with. We have two dogs that, to be honest, drive us crazy most days, but we really do love them. We have a home, we can put food on the table. This is all wonderful, life is wonderful.

It’s just that sudden, blinding reminder of how fast time is passing by us. Truthfully, this reminder also inspires me to go for the big dreams, to keep going on adventures whether or not they make sense because life is going to keep flying and if we don’t join the ride, if we don’t stop watching how others are enjoying their ride, we’re going to miss out on a beautiful life ourselves.

Side note: Did anyone else start contemplating life the minute their ten year high school reunion popped up on their calendar or is it just me?


*We’re starting a business that has nothing to do with post-its, just thought that should be mentioned.