Okay, Summer…

posted on: Friday, June 6, 2014


Yesterday was the hottest day of 2014 here in Charlotte. Ninety something degrees of hot, hot, heat. I tell you what, I’d be happy to live in a climate where the temperature never rose above 80. 78, even. I grew up in high 90’s and 100% humidity, so I’m over it at this point. Hey! I never complained when it was cold, so I have every right to complain when it’s too hot, right?

Don’t answer that.

Anyway, Summer will be here before we know it and has been pretty much settling itself in early at this point. While I do love many things about summer, the crazy heat and humidity is not one of them. Still, I find myself craving a few things about this time of year. Summer, you’ll be welcome just so long as you bring beach days, popsicles, outdoor dinners, long days with good friends, ice-cold beer, and high-waisted shorts into my wardrobe. That sounds pretty fantastic to me.

On that note, enjoy your weekend and (hopefully) the weather, whatever it may be!

  • stannd

    I’m right there with you. Living almost my entire life in Upstate NY, I have had my share of the HHH, and it is not something I look forward to. So far, we’ve lucked out with mostly high 70’s/low 80’s during the day, and nights cool enough to sleep with the windows open. I have a feeling my luck is about to run out, but I’ll take it while I can get it!

  • Oh my, that sounds glorious! I wish we could have the windows open, but we’ve had to have them closed for a while now. the house is already too stuffy! Enjoy the fresh air while you can!