Country Deep Tour

posted on: Tuesday, May 27, 2014


This past Friday, my friend Erin and I went to AT&T U-Verse’s Country Deep Tour. It was leg two of the tour and this round featured David Nail with Sam Hunt supporting.


Erin and I got to the venue a bit earlier than show time so that we could join the meet & greet to meet David Nail. Roni, the tour manager, was super sweet and helped us get ready for meeting David.

Side note: I’ve come to realize that I am just no good at talking to famous people. Not in the slightest.


Case in point:

(It’s our turn to have our photo taken, so Erin and I walk up to David.)

David: Hey! How are you? Thanks for coming out tonight.

Me: Hey! Thanks for (realize I’ve started this and have to finish it, but have no clue where I was going with it)……having a…show…tonight.

(Picture is taken, we walk out and I turn eight shades of red.)

What was that?! Oh well. He was incredibly warm and welcoming, so I didn’t feel too foolish. Just like that, we were out the door about ready to enjoy an amazing few hours of music.


First up, Sam Hunt. I wasn’t too familiar with him, but I heard he was great and was excited to see what he had to bring to the table (or stage, as it were). He pretty much stole the show and was incredibly entertaining. It’s hard to get to into songs I’m not familiar with, but I had an amazing time listening and dancing along to his music. His music style is definitely original and a bit of a twist on country, which I love.

Next up was David Nail. It’s definitely more of that contemporary country sound that I really love. At one point they broke out into Coldplay, which took me by surprise, but I absolutely loved it.


Erin and I had a great time at the show and although our feet were hurting by the end of the night, it was completely worth it. Every single person we met that night was so kind and so friendly, the music was fantastic and it was definitely one of my favorite shows in a very long time.

While the Country Deep Tour has sadly come to an end, you can find exclusive content on the tour and find some more fun details about my night on the Country Deep Tour Diary.

Thanks to AT&T U-verse for a great night!

*This post was sponsored by AT&T U-verse. All opinions are mine and mine alone.