Saturday night, date night

posted on: Monday, May 5, 2014



Saturday night is our reserved date night, most weekends. We tried the whole Friday-night-date-night thing, but we quickly realized that most Friday nights we were so beat and just wanted to stay at home. Thus, Saturday night date night was born.

For this date night, we cashed in a Christmas gift card to Bonefish Grill where we let ourselves splurge a little bit. We sipped on delicious wine and enjoyed amazing lobster-stuffed shrimp. I ordered the ahi tuna which was gorgeous and tasty. I also ate that entire ball of wasabi you see up there. I love wasabi! Anything horseradish-related is my favorite kind of spicy. Adam got the steak and crab cakes, both of which were delicious as well.

The whole night, we talked about us. Where we’ve been, where we’re heading. We’re coming up on five years next weekend. FIVE years! It was fun to reminisce and dream together for a bit. I certainly do love him. Even more than I love wasabi.

  • Joy

    I learned something today… Wasabi is horseradish. I love horseradish but have never tried wasabi… Now I will! Happy date night

  • It’s part of the horseradish family! You may have heard it called “Japanese horseradish” here. It’s got that same kind of kick behind it. Love it!

  • jen

    Not a fan of wasabi but I am a fan of that dress! Where is it from?

  • Thanks, Jen! It’s from Anthropologie. I found it a few weeks ago in the sale section, you may still be able to find it there.