put me in, coach

posted on: Thursday, May 1, 2014


On Sunday, I learned that I am NOT so good at cornhole. We spent most of the day at my mom and step-dad’s place in the mountains where we hung outside, ate delicious food (including my first Klondike bar in years) and played some cornhole. At which, I really suck. As I now know. These things are important to note. I love homemade pizza, fresh flowers, playing guitar, and if my life depended on me sinking three bags in a row during a cornhole game, well you know how that would end.

It’s okay, though. You can’t win ’em all. Adam is much better and luckily, he was on my team. We finally gave up at some point, but we held our own. Well, Adam held our own. You know.

While we played, Nola chased the shadow of the bags as we threw them. Not the bags themselves, their shadows. I believe the girl may be touched. It’s a good thing she’s pretty.


Penny Lane’s happy place is in the sun.


No, really, what would you do?