the best trader joe’s trip ever, maybe

posted on: Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I cleaned the house with fervor this afternoon. I had really hit my stride around 2:30 and I was not stopping for anything. I’m not really a clean freak, but I am most definitely not a slob either. I’m in that middle area, where I love my place clean, but could also let things be a bit out-of-place for a few days. It’s good place to be, I suppose.

My cleaning motivation comes in bursts and when it comes, I get tunnel vision and can only focus on getting things done. I get in the zone and I stay there until I am satisfied. I hate to interrupt it when I’m on a roll, really, and to help the cause, I usually put on a Friends DVD. Friends reruns are my best background noise when completing a task and they have been for a very long time. You see, I have every episode memorized which makes it easy to not pay attention therefore leaving my brain free to focus on the tasks at hand. It also helps me speak in Friends quotes (I am fluent in Friends quotes).

I remember, during my junior year of college, sitting in front of the TV with Friends on with a science fair board laid in front of me. My degree is in elementary education and I was preparing a lesson on giraffes (my favorite). I was up until 3 AM working on that project and Friends kept me company that whole time. Ever since then, I must have episodes on when I work. I LOVE music and I will sometimes work with Pandora in the background, but I kind of love music too much, you know? I can get lost in a good song way too easily. Friends DVDs are where it’s at. I digress.

The clock ticked by as I scrubbed, put away, sprayed, vacuumed and scrubbed some more and found myself left with very little time (but with great necessity) to stop at the Trader Joe’s on the way to get Adam. Luckily, I know I can get the usuals in my cart and out the door within thirty minutes, even at 5 o’clock on a Tuesday. I took a risk on a right turn, in attempts to take a shortcut to avoid the awful Charlotte traffic which totally worked and slipped into the first row of the parking garage, (which is usually just a pipe dream and means to get to the next level up) when a girl jumped in her car about four spots down the row. This never happens! A great spot and no sweat! Whoop! I thanked Jesus because He gets all the props for good parking spaces, and headed into the store. I started putting a few things in my cart as I realized it wasn’t even that crowded, which I also mentally high-fived myself about. Normally this time of the day is slammed.

I had just put a bag of arugula into my cart and picked a perfectly-sized bouquet of broccoli when a TJ’s employee walked up to me and asked if I wanted a cookie. He held the box in front of me and I reached in, feeling as if this was the best cookie I had ever received because it was free and because I was shopping while eating it. Oh and it was a WHOLE cookie, not just a sample size. Really, that’s about all I need for a perfect Trader Joe’s experience right there. Free sugar.

I pushed my cart over the coffee sample station and procured myself a small, delicate cup of over-creamed coffee (it’s too easy to overfill those tiny little cups) and sipped with delight as I took my time in the cheese section.

Trader Joe’s, you make errands fun. Unless I manage to make a complete fool of myself. But this trip made up for that.