To-Do List: Chuy’s Restaurant

posted on: Thursday, April 24, 2014

New Mexico martini
Chuy's Sauces
Katy and Kseniya

I had Adam to my right, Kseniya to my left…

..and these lovelies (Katie and Jen) across the table.

A few weeks ago, Adam and I were invited to a menu tasting event over at Chuy’s. We had been once before, but I was excited to get the chance some more dishes that included tasting of ALL of their sauces. A sauce smorgasbord, is what it was. The deluxe tomatillo is my favorite, in case you were wondering. I’m not a big fan of ranch dressing, but the jalapeno ranch has a cult following and was pretty darn good, so it must be mentioned.

We had samplings of their drinks made with fresh lime juice. I like margaritas, but rarely order them because they’re usually super sweet and syrupy, but not these. The fresh lime juice makes a huge difference! We also tried their jalapeno martini and while I don’t always like to drink my spice, it was the perfect little kick. All of the drinks we got to sample were delicious.

They make their corn and flour tortillas by hand daily, which makes a huge difference. Everything is scratch made and you really can tell. Their chips are thin and crispy, my favorite. The whole staff was absolutely lovely and the food was delicious.

We have already headed back since the event to help celebrate Adam’s birthday so that he could get himself a girly, yet respectable, blackberry margarita. They are so incredible, you can’t really blame him.


Oh and don’t get me started on their tres leches cake…holy moly. Trust me on this one.


Where:  Chuy’s Restaurant
4310 Sharon Rd Charlotte, NC 28211
When: Whenever a good enchilada craving hits you.
Why: Great outdoor area, amazing happy hour,
delicious food, scratch-made everything.
What: Steak burrito, chips and salsa, guacamole, queso,
deluxe chicken enchiladas, chicka chicka boom boom enchiladas,
all the enchiladas, QUESO! Any of their delicious drinks.
Oh and tres leches cake for good measure!