days like this

posted on: Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I was feeling a bit off my game yesterday. This happens about once a month, it seems. Most days, I can handle social media and all of the noise. I am genuinely happy for other’s accomplishments, I am inspired by the images they share and feel generally positive about where I am in life. This has also become a lot easier since getting out of social media as my job. These days, I don’t have to be on it, so I can filter it better. Some days, I can’t handle it as well. Some days I fall into a web of feeling sorry for myself, comparing myself and feeling so far behind. Behind on what? I’m not sure. Just behind.

I’m getting it better at handling it, I believe. I’m learning to recognize when it’s starting, when the anxiety is beginning to creep back in and I try to fight it and choose a different feeling. I’ve heard it so many times, but it’s so much easier said than done that I often forget that I can CHOOSE joy.

I know some of us deal with anxiety and depression and the choice isn’t as attainable, but many of us can choose a different feeling. I’ll be honest, surrendering to those feelings is easy. Giving up is easy. Fighting against those thoughts is the hard part. It takes a lot of energy and the constant redirection of our thoughts. If we give up for a second, we can so quickly fall back into those feelings.

The truth is, our brain needs a workout just as much as our bodies do. I tried focusing on how I want to react instead and it really seemed to help. While I wasn’t able to fully recover my day, I certainly felt so much better than I usually do. I managed to find a balance somewhere in the middle of those feelings.

The beauty of those hard days, is that the days after are usually wonderful. Like today! I feel inspired again and ready to take on anything. The anxiety has eased up quite a bit and I am focused again. Also, the 8 1/2 hours of sleep certainly didn’t hurt.

Do you have days like this? How do you handle it?

  • Oh my. You have described exactly what I feel most days. I find that I don’t handle these days very gracefully at all. I also remind myself to choose joy but that is a lot harder to do than it seems.

    So glad to hear you are feeling better today. :)

  • Oh, Diana! I’ve been there. When it was more like every day felt this way and once in a while there was a happy day mixed in there. I am so sorry you are feeling it right now and I hope that it gets better for you!