it’s friday, friday

posted on: Friday, April 18, 2014


If I got that song stuck in your head, I apologize. But, it’s actually the start of the weekend so you forgive me, yes? I’m heading off in a little bit for a girl’s night with some of my best Charlotte pals. I can’t wait!

Sunday we’re celebrating Easter, just the two of us. We’re heading to the mountains next week for my nephew’s first birthday, so we’re laying low after a weekend of travel.

Tomorrow, I celebrate the love of my life’s 30th birthday. The big 3-0! I’m not sure what adventures we’ll be getting ourselves in this weekend, but it’s Adam’s choice. That I do know.

To be honest, I’m kind of the worst at planning parties. I’m just not good at coordinating everything and everyone. I also can never tell if he actually wants a party or not (we’re both introverts, though I’m more in the middle and he’s probably 90%), so there’s no party planned. At least not with a ton of people. Just me and I am always a hoot. A hoot! Maybe we’ll plan a belated party? That sounds like a possibility. Okay, I’m just thinking out loud at this point. Perhaps it’s time to go enjoy the start of the weekend. Have a good one!