Paloozas and laziness

posted on: Monday, April 7, 2014


Because who doesn’t love pictures of cute dogs on a Monday?

So, my weekend didn’t officially start until 9:30 on Friday night. An event I had been working on coordinating for Adam’s job culminated in a night that went even better than I had hoped. Success! I was feeling quite overwhelmed earlier in the week, so the fact that it all worked out so well was a huge relief. People do this for a living. The stress! The coordinating! Though, perhaps the ability to dance to MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This” that the DJ puts on after everything is said and done and all but five people have headed home is the joy event planners live for. Or am I the only one who does that? Don’t answer that.

On Saturday, we took the dogs to a “Pet Palooza” fundraiser for the local Humane Society. We knew it was not going to be relaxing, but we went for it. I compared it to the feeling parents must get when they take their toddlers to the grocery store. Anxiety and many prayers that all will be well and the “kids” will behave. Thankfully, they did. We had some stressful moments, but all-in-all they did great.


Then we worked some more, because starting your own business often means working on weekends. Iced coffee helps, so does having a great business partner who I also happen to be married to.

On Sunday we went to church, then headed straight home to do a whole lot of nothing. Nothing. Except hit play on our Netflix shows of choice. Scrubs and How I Met Your Mother, mostly. Oh and Mad Men added another season, finally! So a little of that, too. Oh, don’t get Adam started on the finale of HIMYM. We’re not so happy about it, really. We’d be driving, talking about something completely unrelated, and he’d just blurt out something about the finale. We’re still recovering.

We did manage to venture out to walk around the mall a bit, where I grabbed a couple of perfume samples from Sephora (because I take committing to a scent very seriously) and scored a maxi dress on sale at Anthropologie. I’ve been on the hunt for a good one for so long. So long! I finally found it just in time for Spring and I will be living in it for the next six months, amen.

After a successful mall trip, we headed home where we continued the restful part of our weekend. Ready or not, a new week has arrived. I’m feeling ready for this week and I think It’s going to be a good one. Let’s do this, Monday.