birthday love

posted on: Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Well, I am officially 27 and it was one of the best darn birthdays ever. Friday (my actual birthday), I knew Adam was up to something because he is ALWAYS up to something when it comes to special occasions. The man loves his surprises. We planned to have lunch together, so I scooped him up from work and we headed to Nan and Byron’s, a fairly new restaurant in town. I had the beet burger and mojito fries. Holy moly, SO good. I highly recommend! Never have I missed meat less than I did with this baby. Yum. Adam had the meatloaf sandwich with sriracha ketchup and he gave it two thumbs up and rave reviews.


After lunch, Adam dropped me off at home and I watched a chick flick until he returned home from work. I was told to be ready by five and we headed off to an unknown (to me) destination. Adam made a left turn onto a major road in town and I immediately knew where we were going. I’m pretty good at the guessing game, but I was surprised when I walked in to find my friends waiting for me. Okay, only a bit surprised. I had my phone out ready to take their picture when I walked in and turn the surprise around on them a bit. An authentic “Surprise!” moment happening right there. Love those people.


We met at a local brewery, Old Meck. They brew authentic German beer and we love it!


Adam went to our newest find, Suarez bakery, for my birthday cake. A coconut cake with guava filling which was a HIT! I don’t see as many baked goods with guava here in North Carolina as we do in Florida, but it’s one of my favorite flavors. Discovering Suarez bakery and their guava pastries was super exciting. Our wedding cake had alternating layers and one of them was coconut cake with guava filling and it was my absolute favorite. Then Adam went behind my back and had this made for my birthday. He did good. Yum!


Now, we were going to go to an amazing restaurant after we left the brewery, but being it was Friday night after a very long week, we were exhausted. I declared that we should head to Chipotle and we did just that. It’s hard to pass up a fancy meal, but Chipotle was just what we needed. I looked at Adam when we got home and said, “I know i’m getting old when being home by nine the night of my birthday makes me this happy.” It’s true. Introverts and homebodies unite.

Adam and I agreed that birthdays should last all weekend long and so mine did. Saturday was mostly a rainy day. While so many were over the weather being so dreary, I just loved it. A rainy day with nowhere to go is just the best, in my opinion. We had an early Skype meeting for work (more on that later) and then relaxed, talked business, listened to good music and took our time.

We ran around town a bit and after much thought, decided to head to one of our favorite places, Growler’s Pourhouse, for oysters and drinks.


He loves me.

We didn’t do anything extraordinary this weekend, really, we just filled it with tons of good stuff. I wanted to go look at new sofas, even though the budget won’t allow for one, just to get some ideas and so we went! I wanted to watch my favorite Sunday morning program, so we did. The simple, good stuff and hanging out with my best friend all weekend. It was just what I wanted.

With a start like this, I think I’ve got a great year ahead of me. Let’s go.