my own personal new year

posted on: Thursday, March 27, 2014

Today is my last day of being 26. I always get very pensive the day before my birthday, with thoughts of “I will never be 26 again”, and things like that. Mostly, that is very exciting. But part of that is kind of sad, too. Time is going by too fast and could probably use some slowing down a bit. I mean, it’s almost April, for crying out loud! I sound older already, don’t I?

On my last day of being 26, I worked from home. I went to the gym at lunch time where we did squat thrusts and I thought I may not live to see 27. I let my hair dry naturally and it actually turned out well, because good hair days are always something to take note of. I took a selfie, because if a picture of yourself being a certain age for the last time isn’t selfie-worthy, then I don’t know what is. I cleaned the house, so that 27 would begin in a house that felt de-cluttered and smelled good thanks to a Christmas cookie Yankee candle from my mother-in-law. We took a late night trip to Super Target where I finished off my Spring shoe collection thanks to a BOGO sale and half-off a pair of cute booties. All-in-all it was an ordinarily wonderful day. I like that. The perfect way to end this year.

I always feel like my birthday is my own personal New Year. January 1st never feels like my clean slate, it’s always on my birthday. It helps that my birthday is the beginning of Spring, I think it helps with that clean-slate feeling. This past year has been tough, really tough, but really good as well. I learned so much about myself. I discovered what I want to be, who I want to be. I discovered more of who I am than I ever had before. That’s why I know, I just know, that 27 is going to be my best year yet. Every year has it’s ups and downs, but I feel stronger than ever. More secure in myself than ever and that, dear friends, is the best birthday present I could ask for. I’m so excited for this new year.

So, here I go. Two more hours and my new year begins.

  • Tanya Jean

    Happy belated birthday girl! Yay to March birthdays! I just turned 26 and I did the same thing. I always get so anxious right before my birthday. What is it about getting older that just gets us? But on a happy note, yay to good hair days and to this perfect selfie!! xo TJ