a brand new week

posted on: Sunday, March 16, 2014


I’ve felt so emotionally and physically exhausted this week. At one point, I thought I was just coming down with something. I was so tired that everything I did felt difficult, even walking around the house felt like too much. I was more worn out than I had been in a while. To be honest, I partially blame the time change. I mean seriously, what is it about that one little hour? It always throws me off track.

The truth is that some weeks we just have to fight a little harder for joy. Maybe it’s so when we finally do find it, even in it’s most basic and simple form, it feels amazing. We appreciate the little things more. The people we can count on more. I don’t know. Life is a roller coaster and all that jazz.

Thankfully, tomorrow begins a brand new week. Slate wiped clean. I am currently enjoying my last few hours of rest before Monday arrives, soaking in every last minute of another weekend that has passed by far too quickly before we have to start over again. Though this time, I am ready for a great week. I am ready to start over and I am expectant.

  • FromAtoPink

    Sometimes your blog posts reach into the deepest part of my soul at just the right time. I’ve been feeling this SO much recently. Tired, exhausted, struggling to find joy but without any real concrete reason. So then I give myself a hard time… it’s a vicious cycle. Thank you for speaking exactly what I needed to hear :)

  • LOVE this and always find your comments so encouraging, Katherine. It really is a vicious cycle! It’s hard to realize, sometimes, that we need to give ourselves a BREAK! We’re human. Life can be hard. It’s okay. :)