Small changes, one by one

posted on: Monday, February 17, 2014



In the last year, I’ve really gotten the itch to start transforming our home. Most of our things were bought when we were first starting out. Our sofa and love seat were bought out of sheer desperation for a place to sit when we had first moved to Charlotte, since we borrowed our couch the first couple of years. There are things that just need replacing and things that I bought before I really knew what my style was. Not to mention, we live in a rental that is quite old and out-dated and rarely feels clean as much as I try. Suddenly, I felt like I was living in a house that really wasn’t “me” and that wasn’t a great feeling.

Our budget is very limited, so we’ve been making small changes as we can. Last weekend, it was our living room coffee table. For less than $100 and a few simple swaps, we managed to make our living room so much cozier. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but it showed me that even the smallest changes can help make a place feel more like home.


It began with an inexpensive, large Ikea coffee table plus two gorgeous trays by Nate Berkus for Target. I threw in some already-owned tea lights and a basket for the bottom level of the table and our space felt so much better. Oh and naturally, a new table and new trays meant I needed new coasters, so I went out and purchased these babies before we were snowed in for two days.

Milk? Bread? What? COASTERS!


Side note: Is it possible to love coasters?


I love these coasters. Just call me Monica Gellar.

These small changes made me feel so much better about our space. When where you live starts to fit your who you are, it starts to feel more like home. Realizing this fueled my desire to go back to school for design.

Before this mini-transformation, we used one of those ottoman-like coffee tables that was quite cozy for our feet and worked well for a few years. Unfortunately, our dogs found it just as comfortable and much to our dismay, they completely destroyed it. I don’t even want to show you, it’s that bad…

Okay, I’ll show you. Let’s keep this between us (and the internet, of course).


This is why we can’t have nice things.


Over time, as budget allows, I want to invest in a good amount of new furniture. I think well-made pieces are completely worth the investment. A new sofa, some nice chairs, new rugs, new desks for our home office, an actual headboard for our bed and the guest bed, a real transformation. For now, this easy and low-budget solution has helped to soothe my soul a bit, as well as ease my desire to completely make over our home. Adam, and our wallets, rejoice.


| Coffee Table: Ikea

| Trays: Nate Berkus for Target (Not available online anymore, but I’ve seen a few in stores.) |

Coasters: Crate & Barrel |

  • Traci

    It is entirely possible to love coasters! I love the trays, too.

  • those coasters are awesome. i think a trip to crate & barrel is in order.