to new york city and back

posted on: Wednesday, January 15, 2014

UntitledUntitledTimes Square

This past weekend, we went on vacation to New York City. To be honest, I could go on a while about this city, if I let myself.


Well, I’ll let myself just a bit…

For a year, my mom and sister lived on the Upper West Side, so when I flew home from college, that’s where I went. We spent Thanksgiving morning of 2007 at the parade, watched the NYC marathon in person and spent Christmas morning in my favorite city. It was absolutely wonderful. My sister lived there for a few more years, but I still hadn’t been back since 2010 and was dying to get back there with Adam, since we had never been there together.

Untitled[Lombardi’s in Little Italy.]

I have been visiting the city since I was very little and have always had a serious love for this place. I can’t explain it, really. Something inside of me changes the moment I step foot on those city streets. I feel most like myself there, I feel most at peace in the midst of what many people would consider chaos. I feel constantly inspired and sure, it has it’s downsides, but I truly love that city.


We were considering going for Christmas because, well, New York City at Christmastime, you know. But let’s be honest, we’re also on a budget and going in January was way more affordable. Also, we’ve both experienced the city at Christmastime. Granted we weren’t together when we had, but still. We also were able to ask for contributions for our trip as Christmas presents, which may need to happen for every Christmas from now on. I’m all about experiences over stuff.


Turns out, January was the right decision. They still had a good amount of white lights up which gave it that slight feeling of holiday magic. The weather was rainy for a couple of days, but mostly stayed over forty which was fine by us.

UntitledUntitled[Haven’t had an egg bagel in way too long and this one was the best. Absolute bagels on 108th and Broadway.]

We did the MoMA one night and we went to Times Square, but those were pretty much the only “touristy” things we did. We spent much of our time eating and exploring and saw a couple of friends. I also ran into a few, which made that big city feel a bit smaller. I think I’m making a rule that I have to visit this city at least once a year, it’s good for my soul.

I was planning on taking my camera everywhere I went, but with the rainy weather most of our trip, I decided to keep it at the hotel and really didn’t take a ton of photos with my phone either. Some of these were stolen from Adam. I actually ended up disconnecting more than I had planned and it was so freeing. These are just some of the photos we took with our phones and a few others can be found on my Instagram.

P.S. We highly recommend the NYLO hotel. I did so much research, stressed out about it for a long time and finally chose this one after finding a great deal. Love the area, love the hotel. 

  • Katie

    So fun! We love this city too! So glad that ya’ll had a great time and how fun that you got to experience it together :)

  • kellymitchem

    I have no words to describe how much I love NYC, such a special and life changing place!

  • Grace Dalton

    Found your blog through Casey’s link up – I went to NYC last year for spring break with my mom and sisters and loved it! That city truly is magical…and it does have the best bagels. ;)

  • The bagel looks divine!

  • Oh girl, it totally was!

  • Hello, Grace! Welcome to the blog. So glad you found your way over here. Yes, I absolutely agree! Love that city.

  • Absolutely, yes!

  • Thank you, Katie! We had so much fun and it was really a dream come true to finally share it with Adam. Even though he had been there, I got to show him all the places I love. So great!